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1. What are the Shimmer panels?

Shimmer panels is the system of decorative panels meant for creation of dynamic “living” structures with moving elements (sequins) activated by air flows.

The basic part of Standard and Pixel panels consists of a lattice matrix panel with mounting holes. Such panel is made of durable highly transparent polymer material. It is very flexible and light (150 grams!).

The basic element of Bit panel is a monolithic support with a mounting hole. Such panel is made of durable highly transparent polymer material. It is very reliable and light (30 grams!).

Movable reflective elements (MRE) or so called “sequins” are presented in three shapes: disk, square, polyhedron. MRE are made of polymer material having high-grade color mirror coating. The material and technology for sequins production are completely developed by the specialists of our company, they have no analogs and are manufactured at our own enterprise.

2. What is the color range for Shimmer panels?

Shimmer panels are available in more than 40 colors and special effects. You can learn more about color options in the "colors" section.We also costum print despoke colours, images or branding.

3. How panels are correctly installed

Each panel has a large number of mounting holes with diameter of 3 mm. The holes are arranged so as a reflective element could overlap the head of a self-tapping screw. The panels can be fixed to the surface with the help of double-sided adhesive tape, self-tapping screws and staples.

4. Is it possible to attach such panels to each other?

Along each of four edges the panels have coupling elements of male-female type. Locking of such joints ensure rigid and reliable attachment of several panels to each other.

5. Can a panel assembled of a group of panels be hanged independently?

Due to the fact that any panel can be assembled of a group of panels the resulting can be used independently (without any rigid support). This advantage is very helpful when such panels are used temporarily for special actions or events, ceremonies, decoration of stages and shop windows.

6. Can Shimmer panels resist such extremal weather conditions as frost, strong wind, high temperature and ultraviolet solar radiation?

The reliable and flexible material, which is used for manufacturing of the decorative panels, is highly resistant to variations of temperature (-40/+70 oC), wind gusting to 25 m/sec, precipitations in the form of rain and snow, as well as durable ultraviolet solar radiation.

Such products were tested in a chamber under natural environment in one of the certified laboratories of out country – see “Certificate of Testing the SolaAir Products”.

7. What is the difference between the "Outdoor" series 

and “Décor” series?

The “Décor” series of panels was developed specially for interior use (decoration, staging, window dressing). Visually you can't  see any difference between the panels meant for Outdoor use and Décor series. The key difference consists in unavailability of high UV protection in “Outdoor” series. 

8. What is the warranty period for Shimmer panels?

The products warranty period is 2 years under environmental conditions within average European climate.

The products manufactured under the SolaAir brand passed testing and conform to the requirements of GOST 9.401-91.

When the products are used outdoors their serviceability is considerably dependent on the locality of their use. For some regions such period may be 3-5 years, for others 5 and more years. A great number of factors and their combination are of importance for the period of service life of the products – humidity, UV radiation, too high and low temperatures, etc.

9. How can we verify that we have purchased the original products?

All Shimmer panels have the mark of SolaAir – Made in Russia at the back/reverse side.

10. How to choose properly the shape of movable reflective elements?

If in your project you use our panels of the same color as the background, then we recommend to use the reflective elements of disk or polyhedron shape. Such choice will enhance visibility and recognition of your product and make the whole structure more intensively colored.

When your project requires overlapping the background color of the advertising structure as much as possible, or the background color is different from the panels color, then in such case we recommend to use rectangular shape of reflective elements.

11. How to use the background color for shimmer panels in the right manner?

When using the panels of standard colors, and also the panels made based on the Print technology we recommend to apply the background color similar to the panel color.

13. What is the cleaning procedure for panels?

The panels are easily cleaned with the help of a “static” brush or sponge with microfiber. For rough cleaning it is possible to use Kärcher equipment with moderate water pressure without any chemicals. You can see the test demo on the panels cleaning at: “Kärcher test – SolaAir decorative panel 180 bar!”